An Open Letter To Broncos Fans

Broncos Fans,

I know this doesn’t go for all of you, but it certainly applies to some. Stop booing Kyle Orton and cheering for Tim Tebow. You really need to cut it out. Tim Tebow has done nothing to establish that he is worthy of being a starting quarterback in the NFL. In fact, he was given an opportunity by John Fox and Josh McDaniels to prove that he was worthy of being a starting quarterback in the NFL, and Kyle Orton keeps showing that he is more worthy of it. So, why exactly are you guys acting like clowns and booing the guy who’s clearly (by all accounts of anybody who’s watched Broncos camp this year, and who watched Broncos football last year) better than Tebow? I know that there’s the cliche that says that the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in town, but that’s never been more true in Denver. Unless, of course, Brady Quinn beats out Tim Tebow for the #2 spot in Denver, which is still entirely possible, according to ESPN blogger Bill Williamson.

I feel terrible for Kyle Orton. In Chicago he did nothing but lead the team to an 11-5 season, only to get benched for another overhyped Florida QB, in Rex Grossman. Then, after Grossman finally gave the whole world (excluding Mike Shanahan) proof that he was garbage, the Bears moved Kyle Orton and some 1st round draft picks for Jay Cutler. Now, he’s stuck playing quarterback for a team who has a legion of fans who seem all too willing to cut off their nose to spite their face; a fan base that wants to start Tebow simply to prove that Tebow can, in the very most literal sense of the word, start.

Their faces say it all.


Maybe Tim Tebow can be an effective starter in the NFL one day. However, if it’s clear to the entire coaching staff, and anybody who’s watched a Broncos game over the last year that Kyle Orton is certainly a more effective passer, why are you guys so eager to get the kid out there? If nothing else, I’d be more worried that the guy hasn’t been able to beat out the former 4th-rounder from Purdue. Let’s be honest, when’s the last time Purdue beat Florida at anything? I’m not saying Tim Tebow will never be good (I personally don’t think he will, but crazier things have happened) but when you start supporting one guy, simply because of the fact that he has a lot of potential, and the media has turned him into a superstar before he’s earned the title, it starts to trivialize your allegiance to your team.




Steve Sabato is a contributing writer for Home Field Advantage


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We are two senior Sports Communication majors at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. We have launched this blog as part of our senior year capping project, with the goal of creating a comparative analysis and multimedia approach to the differing sports cultures in America.

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