Marist College outfielder Mike Gallic drafted by San Diego Padres

In the 18th round of the 2011 Major League Baseball Player Entry Draft, the San Diego Padres made Mike Gallic the 563rd overall pick and the latest Marist College Red Fox to be drafted into the league. The last player selected out of Marist was in 2009 when Jacob Wiley was selected by the Cincinnati Reds.

I had the pleasure of watching and calling a couple of Gallic’s games live this year down at the McCann Baseball Field. The strong and speedy center fielder was a true power threat for the Foxes batting consistently out of the fourth slot in the line-up. In the first game of a double header in late April, Gallic bombed a first pitch fastball over the left centerfield fence for a three-run home run. Marist would win that game 4-0 thanks to Gallic and a brilliant pitching effort from left-handed pitcher Chad Gallagher.

Gallic was a victim of playing in the large, pitcher-friendly park of McCann Field. Furthermore, the weather was not an ally in his four years in Poughkeepsie, NY either, with temperatures in the low to mid 50s straight through April and into early May. It will be interesting to see how Gallic fares against the stiff competition that is minor league baseball.

As far as other Red Foxes getting drafted goes, I personally saw Gallic as the best talent on the team as far as gap-to-gap power goes and raw talent. He’s an above-average runner with a strong arm and should be able to handle center field on a more competitive level. There were only two other Marist players I saw as potential late-run draft picks: infielder/outfielder Ricky Pacione and left-handed pitcher Chad Gallagher.

Pacione has fantastic plate discipline and is a strong runner. But, Pacione is undersized and flashes limited power (think Josh Thole) and won’t be able to play an outfield position in a more competitive fashion. In order for Pacione to catch on with a minor league squad, he will have to refine his game into the lighter offensive expectation position of second base.

For Gallagher, he has as many things going for him as he does things going against him. He is a fast working, accurate, change-of-pace left handed starting pitcher that dominated competition for the better part of the last two years. But, from watching him twice first hand, Gallagher’s velocity is limited, maybe topping out around the mid-80’s. But, he is a left-handed pitcher, which is a premium in the minors and majors. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of these two players drafted as fillers, but I also wouldn’t be surprised to see them passed over.

As for Gallic, my only hope is that now he is in the league, he will confidently know the difference between the Texas Rangers and New York Rangers.

Greg Kaplan is a writer and co-founder of Home Field Advantage


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We are two senior Sports Communication majors at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. We have launched this blog as part of our senior year capping project, with the goal of creating a comparative analysis and multimedia approach to the differing sports cultures in America.

2 Responses to Marist College outfielder Mike Gallic drafted by San Diego Padres

  1. Greg says:

    Above average runner? He ran a 4.45 from a baseball stance. look at his times from home to first. sub 4 secs. step up the “reporting”.

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