Our Mission To You..

Here at Home Field Advantage, our goal is very simple: to further the understanding of what makes your sports culture unique.

For each city we cover, we will provide you with a brief overview into the history of the major four (NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL) franchises that call that city home. We will look at how each team has played a certain role in the lives of the sports fans that form the foundation of that city. In order to best understand what defines a city, we will not limit ourselves to the success that has transpired there. We believe that a true definition of the city cannot be fully understood without looking at the heartbreak that has tormented certain fan bases and why that heartbreak has transformed the city.

Furthermore, we will look into how some major college sports teams add to the culture of these cities. In some of the cities we will cover over the course of the next few months, the college atmosphere overtakes the professionals, and it is critical for us to examine why that is.

Along with our analysis of each city, we will be conducting interviews with bloggers from each city we cover. We consider this aspect of Home Field Advantage to be the most important because it allows us to ask fans like you who may be reading this now what it means to be from, root for or travel to that city. We didn’t want Home Field Advantage to feel like a lecture or a blog full of bias. While we do want to give off our voice in certain aspects, the voice we want to hear the most is the voice of the cities we write about.

While we would love to interview all of you about your own experiences and thoughts on what makes your culture unique, we simply do not have the time. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to us, either below in our comment section, on Twitter (@HMEfieldADVblog) or on Facebook (fanpage: HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE). If we do something wrong, or if you disagree, do not hesitiate to contact us. We are fans just as much as you are, and we would love to hear from you.

In the mean time, sit back and join us frequently as we look further into what makes sports culture so unique in the United States.

-Kaiti Decker & Greg Kaplan


About Home Field Advantage
We are two senior Sports Communication majors at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. We have launched this blog as part of our senior year capping project, with the goal of creating a comparative analysis and multimedia approach to the differing sports cultures in America.

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